Kashmir Tone” Daily English Newspaper owned by Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad who has professional Qualification of Masters Degree In Mass Communication & Journalism and other Qualifications, “Kashmir Tone” shall adopt the following code of ethics in pursuance of the vision and mission it has set for itself:

1. Follow to the journalistic standards of honesty, courage, fairness, balance, independence, credibility and diversity, giving no priority to commercial or political over professional consideration.
2. Attempt to get to the fact and proclaim it in our reporting, dispatches, programmes and news bulletins clearly in a manner which leaves no doubt about its legitimacy and correctness.
3. Give our audiences due respect and address every issue or story with due attention to present a clear, factual and accurate picture while giving full consideration to the feelings of victims of crime, war, harassment and disaster, their relatives and our viewers, and to individual privacies and public decorum.
4. Present the diverse points of view and opinions without bias and partiality.
5. Recognise diversity in human societies with all their races, cultures and beliefs and their values and intrinsic individualities so as to present unbiased and faithful reflection of them.
6. Acknowledge a mistake when it occurs, promptly correct it and ensure it does not recur.
7. Observe transparency in dealing with the news and its sources while adhering to the internationally established practices concerning the rights of these sources.
8. Distinguish between news material, opinion and analysis to avoid the traps of guesswork and propaganda.
9. Stand by colleagues in the profession and give them support when required, particularly in the light of the acts of aggression and harassment to which journalists are subjected at times. Cooperate with local, national and international journalistic unions and associations to defend freedom of the press.

Kashmir Tone

Daily English Newspaper Published from Srinagar UT J&K

Owner/Publisher & Editor in Chief :-
Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad
1) [M.A. Mass Communications & Journalism KU]
2) M.A. Religious/Islamic Studies (P) KU]
3) Trained in Video Production [MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi]
4) PG Diploma in Advanced Computer Integrated Business Mgmt [B.School of Management Chennai]
5) Bachelor of Commerce [Islamia College of Science & Commerce Srinagar]